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Sean Johnson
President of Snooty Monkey, LLC

I will gladly answer any questions you may have over the phone or by email. I can speak to you or your audience about BubbleTimer, personal productivity and time management, software product design, Web entrepreneurship and Ruby on Rails. I am generally available with 24 hours notice to do radio, television or email interviews and to participate in podcasts.

About Sean

The BubbleTimer Story

There are plenty of tools for letting a boss know when someone worked and for creating invoices for billable work... BubbleTimer is about achieving life's goals through better time management.

The first step is finding where time is currently spent and BubbleTimer is the simplest way to do that. There are no timers to fuss with, one click on a bubble marks 15 minutes of time. Tracking time down to the second is a waste of time.

BubbleTimer customers are surprised when they compare how they spend their time with where they want to spend their time. Everyone has plans to do great things: start a business, run a marathon, write a book, get a degree, or spend more time with loved ones. These are fantastic goals but none of them get accomplished if too much time is spent on other things, such as checking email, attending meetings, surfing the web, and watching TV. The key is to spend more time on things that are really important.

Once time management goals are in place, BubbleTimer makes it easy to check them at a glance with constantly updated daily and weekly totals and graphs that quickly show where time is being spent and performance against goals.

With BubbleTimer, using time well to achieve life's goals is what matters.

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  • Bubble in time in 15 minute increments, it takes just a few minutes a day
  • Set goals for how to spend time and get instant feedback
  • Optional reminder chime every 15 minutes
  • Quickly add and remove activities as life changes
  • See a breakdown of how time is being spent and goal achievement
  • Share the time for certain activities with friends or mentors, or keep everything private
  • Create attractive print outs for any range of dates
  • Export to a Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, or OpenOffice spreadsheet

The Snooty Monkey Story

Snooty Monkey, LLC is a collective of software developers and design professionals started in 2007 by Sean Johnson in the town of Chapel Hill, NC. Snooty Monkey exists for three reasons:

  1. To create applications that solve a problem in a simple, intuitive and polished way.
  2. To provide on outlet for software craftsmen to serve people that appreciate the craft of good software.
  3. To inspire other small software businesses as I've been inspired by the small businesses of Chapel Hill.

The name, Snooty Monkey, was suggested by Sean's friend during a 2006 brainstorming session about what to call a radio show on modern classical music. The radio show never happened.


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