Frequently Asked Questions

About the BubbleTimer Application...

What are the computer requirements to use BubbleTimer?

You need to be connected to the Internet and using a modern web browser with cookies and JavaScript enabled. Internet Explorer 8, Safari 4, Firefox 3 and Google Chrome are supported browsers. Any computer or operating system capable of running one of these browsers is supported.

BubbleTimer is optimized for use with Firefox 3 on all platforms as well as Safari 4 on the Mac. If you have the option, using one of these two browsers will deliver the best BubbleTimer experience.

I don't want to lose my time data. Is my data safe?

Yes it is. Complete data backups are done 3 times a day and a full system backup is done once a day. BubbleTimer is hosted in a state of the art data center (Amazon's data center) that is tapped into redundant electrical grids (and backup generators) and redundant network providers. Your data is certainly safer here than if it was on your own computer.

Can I get my time data from you?

Absolutely! It's your data and you can export a copy at any time.

To export your data, login via the header above this FAQ (or if you are logged in already, click "My Time" in the header) and then you'll see an option in the header called "My Account". Click this to open the account preferences dialog and then click the "Export" tab. Choose one of the four file types (Microsoft Office's Excel,'s Calc, CSV, or HTML) and click the save button. Save the file to a location on your computer when prompted by your browser to do so (if you choose the HTML format, the HTML file will just display in your browser). Finally, open the file with the application you selected. If you don't already have a spreadsheet application, then follow the links above to download and install one of them. is completely free and Microsoft Office has trial downloads available.

What does this AM and PM stuff mean?

I'm not sure. I'm a 24 hour time person myself, but my wife assures me that most people in the U.S. prefer this AM and PM lingo.

To change your preference to 24 hour time, login via the header above this FAQ (or if you are logged in already, click "My Time" in the header) and then you'll see an option in the header called "My Account". Click this to open the account preferences dialog and choose "24 hour format" from the Time Format drop down. Click "SAVE" and then refresh your browser.

How come when I come back to BubbleTimer, it always start on the same day? Why doesn't it start on today?

If you are seeing BubbleTimer always return to the same day then you have probably bookmarked a specific day in your browser bookmark for BubbleTimer. Take a look at your bookmark's address. If it looks like this:

Change it to look like this instead:

It is a pain to fill in a bunch of bubbles in a row for an activity that I did for a long period of time. Can you do something about that?

To bubble in a span of time for an activity (for example, all the time between 9 and 11), first click the bubble at the beginning or end of the time you want to bubble, then press and hold the shift key on your keyboard while you click a bubble at the other end of the range. This will bubble in the whole range of times at once. (Some operating systems may have shift-click reserved for another use, you can try ctrl-click if shift-click does not work.)

I was doing two activities at once, and I track both of them. I was listening to a recorded class lecture while exercising. How do I indicate that to BubbleTimer?

To bubble in more than one activity at the same time (for example "Exercise" and "Study"), bubble in the first activity then hold the alt or ctrl key on your keyboard while you click the 2nd bubble for the other activity. This will also work if you manage to do 3 or more things at the same time but this is highly discouraged, you may injure your brain. (Some operating systems may have alt-click reserved for another use, you can try z-click if alt-click does not work.)

I bubbled time into the future and I get lines rather than bubbles. What are the lines for?

We call these "planning lines". If you mark much ahead of the present time then you start marking how you plan to spend your time rather than how you did spent it. If you do end up spending your time as you planned, then marking those same activities replaces the planning lines with normal bubbles. If you end up spending your time differently than you planned, then the planning lines remain to show you how reality differed from your plans.

I love BubbleTimer, but it's a pain keeping another browser window or tab open. Are you going to make a desktop version?

No, I have no plans at this time for a desktop version. There is a good alternative though and it's one that I use; it's called Site-specific Browser or SSB. It makes a web application run outside of your normal browser and act like a regular desktop application. It is super handy. No matter what your regular browser and operating system, there is an SSB solution available.

Safari users on a Mac should try the Fluid application to make an SSB application for BubbleTimer.

Internet Explorer users on Windows should try Bubbles (the name is just a coincidence!).

Firefox and Google Chrome users are lucky to have SSB capabilities built into the browser. If you are a Firefox user, there is an extension for making an SSB out of the current web page. Google Chrome users should watch this short video on creating application shortcuts.

I'm using Google's Chrome browser and the audio chime doesn't make any sound.

The Chime is an MP3 and while it seems all the other browsers will play it as long as you have something like QuickTime or Windows Media Player installed, Google Chrome will not. I'm going to have to rework the sound into something else after doing some more research into what will work on Chrome. If the chime is critical for you unfortunately the only answer I have right now is to use a different browser.

BubbleTimer isn't right for me, how do I delete my account?

I'm sorry to hear that BubbleTimer isn't right for you. It isn't right for everyone, but I do hope you'll let me know why it didn't work for you. To delete your account, login via the header above this FAQ (or if you are logged in already, click "My Time" in the header) and then you'll see an option in the header called "My Account". Click this to open the account preferences dialog and then click the "Close Account" tab and follow the directions there. Thank you for trying out BubbleTimer. I appreciate any time that you have put into evaluating it.

About Miscellaneous Things...

What is that AMAZING shade of blue you use for your background color?

I'm glad you asked. It's Carolina Blue of course. The color of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

Can I change the background color to another shade of blue... say Duke blue?

No. Don't be silly.

Who is behind BubbleTimer?

BubbleTimer is the first of a few planned applications from Snooty Monkey, LLC. Snooty Monkey is the small business that owns and operates BubbleTimer. Snooty Monkey, LLC is based in Chapel Hill, NC and is a collective of software development and design professionals led by Sean Johnson.

What is a snooty monkey?

I'm pretty sure there is no such thing. If there are any primatologists that would like to correct me, please feel free.

snoot-y adj. 1. Snobbishly aloof; haughty. 2. High-class; exclusive.

source: TheFreeDictionary

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